The return of the Mack

Well, hello there.

It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to write about all things going on in the political world. It’s been a self-inflicted exile as I’ve been focused on other things. One would think that with a President such as Donald Trump, I’d be chomping at the bit to get back involved in political conversation.

However, I’ve been discouraged at how polarizing our world has become. But come on, our world has always been polarizing and perhaps I just woke up to the reality. Watching Clinton and Trump – two people I consider to be the two worst presidential candidates in my lifetime – battle it out for the Presidency was demoralizing.

Sure it would have been great to have the first female President and I’m always in favor of a non-politico making a run a political office (‘sup Ross Perot). But Clinton and Trump constantly stoked partisan flames and scare us into voting for them versus their opponent because should their opponent win, it was the apocalypse. I was thinking the world was coming to an end regardless who won which is why in 2016 I voted for Bob Dole.

But don’t worry, this space is not going to be used to talk about everything that’s going wrong. I can spend a few minutes in that space but living there is exhausting and I’m a positive dude. I just didn’t have it the last year or so and I needed a break.

But break time is over and it’s time for me to bring back my brand of relentless pursuit of common ground, cheeky comments, and stoking conversation between people who think they don’t have any.

It’s the return of the mack. I’m back baby!

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