I thought Raimondo was supposed to jumpstart our economy?

We’re about two and a half years in the Raimondo administration and I’m wondering where “the jobs be at”? Put a little more formally, where is the economic boost we believed she would bring if elected? Where are the jobs and where are the budget surpluses? Back in 2014, Raimondo said that she wanted to show “that Democrats can solve big problems and get things done.” Well welcome to 2017 where last week we learned that the state is expected to run a $100 million revenue shortfall.

Big Problem.

Raimondo didn’t solve it.

Democrats can’t solve problems so let’s all go home now and trust everything to Donald Trump.

*awkward pregnant pause*

I’m kidding of course. I just like to make fun of politicians who say “my party good, their party bad” as if it’s some universal truth.

But I’m getting off track. The point is that Rhode Island has $100 million less revenue than expected and Raimondo hasn’t sold anything when it comes to the Rhode Island economy. What’s worse when Lincoln Chafee can (accurately) claim that his record has been better than Raimondo’s you know something is not looking good.

Sad day indeed.

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